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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

I have one word for this game: EPIC If you never played the first two games, you really miss out on the storyline. Events and actions that happened in the first two games trickle into the third. At the end of Mass Effect 2, I survived and none of my squad mates perished. It’s interesting to think […]

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Mass Effect 3: Thane Krios

Mass Effect 3: Thane Krios

If you never played Mass Effect 2, you probably have never heard of Thane Krios. Thane is a romanceable assassin you pick up during ME2. If you can get past the green skin, you’ll find him to be deep and passionate. I romanced Thane in ME2 and  got a nice surprise in Mass Effect3. I won’t […]

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Dragon Age II: First Impressions

Yesterday, I was able to get in a few good hours of game time and man am I psyched! Bioware has done it again. For years, they continue to put out games with immense storylines, full of action. In this sequel, you play as ___ Hawke (you get to choose your own name). You have […]

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Oh my darling Alistair!

I love a good romance in a video game. If you’re not familiar with Dragon Age Origins, by Bioware, then let me explain. Alistair is your classic handsome, charming, a little cheesy, paladin type hero. You don’t get many choices in DAO, but that was okay with me. I found Alistair a little refreshing, and […]

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