Dragon Age II: First Impressions

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Yesterday, I was able to get in a few good hours of game time and man am I psyched! Bioware has done it again. For years, they continue to put out games with immense storylines, full of action. In this sequel, you play as ___ Hawke (you get to choose your own name). You have the ability to change your appearance, but not your race.

The game starts off with you and your family running from the blight. My husband is playing and noticed that my family looked different than his. When we compared toons, his siblings adjusted to his dark skin, and menacing face. I think that’s pretty neat.

Bioware improved on battle. They kept the same radial menu and quick selection format, but improved on fluidity. I created a rouge. Normally, I play a warrior, but the moves and back stab make this class a ton of fun. If you know how to set up your stats right (always max out your dexterity for a rouge) then you won’t get pummeled.

By 3:30am I had a good feel for the mechanics of the game. Of course, my party wiped on a dragon, but that’s what happens when you play for too long…I haven’t quite figured out the crafting yet. It’s a bit different than the first one, and there doesn’t appear to be a block. You can still pause the game by hitting L2 and switch between characters with L1.

So far, I have five people in my party. If you bought the signature edition (or the content online) the hound is now an ability. He doesn’t have the same talents like the last game, but you can have him out all the time, which makes up for it.

I’ll give updates as the story progresses. I’m curious to see how the world will change, based on my decisions.  Oh, and if you’re not a fan of gore, you can switch off some of it in the options menu.

Check out the new Dragon Age web series starring Felicia Day, video above.

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One response to “Dragon Age II: First Impressions

  1. I just found your blog from YA Highway. I'm also a gamer and a fan of the first Dragon Age (I was a noble warrior/female). I really want DA:2 BUT I am holding out for a bit so I can focus on finishing the revision of my novel; I want to send it out to test readers. So, I've purposely put games to the backburner. But this is the next game I'm getting. 🙂 I'll have to check out the web series.