Mass Effect 3: Thane Krios

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If you never played Mass Effect 2, you probably have never heard of Thane Krios. Thane is a romanceable assassin you pick up during ME2. If you can get past the green skin, you’ll find him to be deep and passionate. I romanced Thane in ME2 and  got a nice surprise in Mass Effect3.

I won’t give away any spoilers, but I will let you in on a bit of the oh-my factor.

In ME2 you learn that Thane has an incurable disease and will die. If you successfully romanced him in ME2, he’ll send you an e-mail in ME3 telling you he’s at the hospital and wishes to see you. The reunion is heartfelt; although, I was a tad disappointed we could only steal one kiss. After that little moment, I assumed that was the end of Thane Krios, but Bioware didn’t let me down. During an attack on the Citadel, Thane valiantly shows up to the rescue. I won’t go into the details or what happens next, but I will say this: Bioware knows how to write.

Even though I wish things could have ended differently and Thane and Shepard could’ve flown through the mass relay and disappear, I am 100% satisfied with the ending.

The below video is a fan-tribute to Thane. Enjoy, Siha ; )

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5 responses to “Mass Effect 3: Thane Krios

  1. Oh my goodness. I found you through BlogMeMAYbe. I LOVE BioWare. I didn't play any of the ME's (but my hubby used to write Prima guidebooks and wrote – with a female alias for ME1 – both ME1 and ME2 books). So I watched and loved the storylines. Thane was a fave for sure.

    I actually really liked Dragon Age. And I'm a huge fan of the Assassin's Creed series. I have to admit I'm just a little excited, because I don't come across a lot of female writers who are also into video games. 🙂