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Slayer of the Song

When grief becomes a weapon, you embrace it.

When Arabella loses everything, she travels to an abbey in Oxfordshire to control her power in order to protect her brother’s unborn child. If the cult of occuli can’t have Arabella, her niece or nephew will be next.

But training with the nuns is grueling and Arabella is ready to quit, disbelieving she has the power to help anyone. Her songspell magic almost killed everyone she loved. How could it possibly save them?

All her worries and doubt increase when a priest in the same robed attire as the ones who kidnapped her comes to the market where the nuns sell bread. He doesn’t recognize Arabella, but she instantly remembers him, and he seems to be allies with the nuns.

Terrified of choosing the wrong side, Arabella battles her doubts and fears and who to trust. The cult is closer now than ever before and Arabella must decide who she’s going to be: the girl who got her brother killed or the woman who will risk it all to save the innocent.

Scroll up and click to continue the adventure in Slayer of the Song: Book Three of the Unholy Magic Saga. A YA Paranormal Romance series that takes place in Victorian England and has a gothic twist. Perfect for fans of Victoria Schwab and Holly Black.

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The Eternal Sea

A powerful runaway princess and a dark fae pirate will discover there's more than scandalous emotions churning in the sea.

Havana flees an arranged marriage to run to the Oasis where human, fae, and every other race of Saol live in opulent paradise. To get there, she'll have to board a ship called the Ravager which is just as deadly as its dark fae captain.

It doesn't take long for the sea to capture Havana's heart, and it takes even less for her to fall for the silver-haired Leon who is just as dangerous as the wild sea he navigates.

But Havana isn't just running from a marriage.

The secret she harbors will set war upon the Ravager and its crew, and she's the only one who can stop it.

If she's willing to tell the truth.

The Eternal Sea is a stand alone Fantasy Romance within the Shifting Fae world. Perfect for readers looking for epic fantasy, slow-burn romance, fast-paced action and a happily ever after.

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The Never Rift

A second chance romance. A war to end it all.

Azalea has spent the last three decades lounging on the soft sands of the Oasis, ignoring her duties as a light bearer. When the dark fae who broke her heart comes on behalf of the Borderlands to seek her aid, she can only run so far.

The Rift to the shadow realm called the Never is expanding. The Magi Council needs powerful light bearers to perform one massive spell to seal the Rift for good. Orion's job is to bring Azalea to the Borderlands and he'll have to do more than beg and plead to convince her to go. When she refuses, he’ll threaten her with the one thing she couldn’t possibly refuse.

Azalea will have to bury her hurt and find the strength to overcome her past or her beloved Oasis and every other safe haven in Saol will be lost to the darkness forever, but sometimes the past can't be forgotten and the pain of remembering is too much to bear.

This is the final story in the Shifting Fae series! Certain characters from the previous books will show up for the final fight!

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Pained Love

A deceptive marriage. A love that will defy it all.

While war plagues the various lands, Daath is preparing for the grandest celebration in its history. Lucino and Jeslyn will marry, uniting their people and erasing the scars left from the battle of the valley and the destruction of the temple.

But something is amiss between the couple, and Jeslyn fears Lucino is reverting back to his more ruthless, Reptilian nature. As the days to the wedding draw near, Jeslyn must decide if the man she intends to marry, is the one she should.

When Romulus created the simulacrum, Lucino knew there would be risks, and consequences from using such dark magic. What he never foresaw was his clone taking his place as the ruler of Daath. After a vicious attack from his clone, a protective spell is triggered and Lucino is teleported back to his dying world.

If Lucino doesn't find a way off Mirth, Jeslyn will bind her aura to the wrong man and ultimately change the outcome of the future of Daath, and every other land in Tarrtainya.

And he only has six days to do it.

In the last book of the Daath Chronicles, discover what happens when the villain becomes the hero. Read the final installment in this YA Epic Fantasy series today!

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The Moonlit Woods

When Rosalie is thrown into a deadly bridal competition she must decide if the dark fae stealing her heart can be trusted to save her life.

In order to save her sick firehawks, Rosalie sells herself into a competition to marry the wicked magistrate of Farrow's Gate. If she wins, her farm is saved. If she loses, she'll be forced to work off her family's debt in an undisclosed location.

But the magistrate won't marry just any human.

He wants a mate whose magic rivals his own, and Rosalie can't ever reveal how powerful she is. In the world of Saol magic is regulated, and if the Magi Council discovered what she is, it won't only be her life at risk. Her only chance of escape is with the magistrate's dark fae bodyguard, Baine, and he has no interest in helping a human.Until one night in the moonlit woods when everything changes between them and the truth behind the bridal competition is revealed.

Losing the competition means death, winning means the death of others, and Rosalie is out of time. If she doesn't choose soon, someone will do it for her.

The Moonlit Woods is a standalone Fantasy Romance within the Shifting Fae world perfect for readers looking for sweeping, epic fantasy, slow-burn romance, fast-paced action, and a happily ever after.

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The Starlit City

A human sorceress. A dark fae mage. A deadly war that will seal their fates forever.

Kelia is one of the Magi Council's top sorceress and they've sent her to the underground City of Stars to retrieve a prodigal child from the dark fae. The child is the key to the spell that will close the Rift in the Never for good.

To make it to the city, Kelia will need the aid of a dangerous mercenary named Callum whose last twenty years were spent in a magi prison. The Queen demanded his release in exchange for the child, and not even the magi understand why. He's shifty, untrustworthy, disgustingly handsome, and Kelia will need more than her arcane tricks to keep Callum focused on the journey ahead.

When they reach the underground city, and straight into war, their darkest fears become real. If they want to survive, they'll need to learn to trust in each other and combine their hearts and spells to stop the deadly siege.

If not, they’ll never see the surface again.

The Starlit City is a standalone Fantasy Romance within the Shifting Fae world perfect for readers looking for sweeping, epic fantasy, a slow-burn romance, fast-paced action, and a happily ever after. 

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