Title: The Never Rift
Series: The Shifting Fae #4
Published by: Shakespeare Villains
Release Date: 1-17-2023
Genre: , ,
Pages: 306

A second chance romance. A war to end it all.

Azalea has spent the last three decades lounging on the soft sands of the Oasis, ignoring her duties as a light bearer. When the dark fae who broke her heart comes on behalf of the Borderlands to seek her aid, she can only run so far.

The Rift to the shadow realm called the Never is expanding. The Magi Council needs powerful light bearers to perform one massive spell to seal the Rift for good. Orion's job is to bring Azalea to the Borderlands and he'll have to do more than beg and plead to convince her to go. When she refuses, he’ll threaten her with the one thing she couldn’t possibly refuse.

Azalea will have to bury her hurt and find the strength to overcome her past or her beloved Oasis and every other safe haven in Saol will be lost to the darkness forever, but sometimes the past can't be forgotten and the pain of remembering is too much to bear.

This is the final story in the Shifting Fae series! Certain characters from the previous books will show up for the final fight!

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