Fan Art: Original Broken Forest Cover

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There’s only 7 days left until the submission window is closed. 
Today, I decided to share with you the original artwork behind the first cover. My publisher ended up re-doing the cover due to a reader survey: readers thought it was manga.
I loved it. It’s artistic, romantic and different than anything else, but I didn’t want readers to think they were getting a manga and get a YA Fantasy instead.
And the back cover.
Where did these beautiful images come from? My insanely talented husband. These are monotype prints. You draw on a glass plate with ink and make a print. It’s a unique pull. 
Here’s a closer look at the image before the font was added.
Even though the images aren’t used  on the cover, I have two great pictures for promotional use. Stickers anyone?

When it comes to art, anything and everything goes. I’d love it if bookcovers became art pieces. So often we see amazing book covers and the artists aren’t recognized or if they are it’s in small print near the copyright–a place few people may read.
I’ve personally bought paperbacks/hardbacks for the covers.
This a re-make done by fashion illustrator Ruben Toledo. I’d love to see more illustrators re-do covers.
 If you’d love to enter the contest, but are short on ideas, there’s always a Grumpy Cat meme.
And you can never go wrong with Grumpy cat.

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