You Are a Masterpiece

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One day there was a donkey who sat in a stable day after day. He would watch the beautiful horses pass, feeling sad for he was just a donkey and the stable was all he knew.

Then one day that donkey became the chariot for the King of Kings- Mathew 21:1-11

Sometimes we see other people succeed and are filled with doubt. Will I ever get an agent? Will my book ever get published? And it’s not just in our writing lives. Friends get houses, have kids, get promoted or get better jobs and we watch it all feeling unfulfilled and useless.

But we are so much more.

Don’t look to the left or the right but straight ahead. And don’t EVER diminish your purpose whether that’s being a stay at home mom or a corporate queen.

Because one day, when you think all you are is just a pile of clay with no shape or purpose, you’ll morph into a beautiful masterpiece.

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