Backwards Compatibility

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post about gaming and what better way to get back into it then with a little rant.

It may come as no surprise to most gamers that both consoles will not be backwards compatible, but for me, I’m disappointed, again. When the PS3 came out, we receievd one as a wedding gift. It wasn’t the 60gig, which meant no playing PS2 games…

PS2? Really? WHO CARES? I care. I care deeply.

Not only do I still have my PS2 with a bunch of RPG’s I need to beat, but I have a few PSOne games–I have yet to beat FFVII–I know, noob.

My husband think it’s luducrious and can’t understand WHY I would want to play games with outdated graphics.

It’s all about the story, and with each new console, the RPG’s I loved playing are fading away.

On PSOne you had Final Fantasy, Legend of Dragoon, Chrono Cross, Xenogears, Breath of Fire, Wild Arms, Thousand Arms (my all time favorite), Parasite Eve (first game I played on Playstation), Lunar and my favorite funny one–Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure.

The list of PS2 RPG’s is one long list, but a few I’m still trying to finish: FFX, FFX-2, Kingdom Hearts 2 and Rouge Galaxy.

Xbox had Fable, Elder Scrolls and Knights of The Old Republic.

PS3 has some great RPG’s, Dragon Age and Mass Effect being my favorites, but there are less of the old school RPGs I love so much.

Would it be that difficult to create these new consoles with backwards compatibility or is it another monkey making scheme? Either way, I refuse to give up my PS2, no matter what the hubby says.

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3 responses to “Backwards Compatibility

  1. SERIOUSLY!!! What is wrong with the new gaming consoles. I was really mad that the new Wiis don't have the gamecube hookups on the side. Ugh! I really enjoyed FFX and both Kingdom Hearts! I suppose gamers like us need to have every single console, so we can play all the games we love.