BROKEN FOREST: Cover Makeover

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If you haven’t noticed, BROKEN FOREST had a book cover change, before I get into the WHY, take a peek at the new cover.


Isn’t it pretty? When my publisher discussed a cover change, I was a bit hesitant. I LOVED my cover and so did my publisher, but we had this tiny teensy issue: readers thought it was manga.

Manga is great, but that’s not what I write and we didn’t want potential readers to miss out on the awesome that is BROKEN FOREST. After much discussion and feedback we decided to make a cover change.

I think it worked out pretty good. Don’t you?

And did you notice the subtitle? That’s right folks. I’m working hard on book#2.

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12 responses to “BROKEN FOREST: Cover Makeover

  1. Oh my goodness, Eliza– that is downright GORGEOUS! I think it looks fantastic. :0) I didn't think Manga when I saw the other one… until you mentioned it. Now I totally see what you mean. I think this cover is much better. YAY!