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Hi Everyone! I hope your 2013 is going well. Mine started with the flu . . .Anyway, I had two great giveaways over the past few weeks.

Grats to Fiza who picked LEAVING PARADISE!

Grats to May who picked SPLINTERED!

I love giveaways. Getting gifts makes life a little sweeter. Too bad I have the worst luck and never win anything *insert little violin here*

Besides having the giveaways, I’ve been semi-distant from the blog, thanks to this

Yes, I dress up my daughter in crazy outfits. My husband insists she’s not a doll, but what does he know?

I have a lot of new followers,  HI!, and a bunch of book reviews I need to post. I’ll also be sharing  my journey to publication with you. I always love reading about how other writer’s got their deal and what happened next. Lots of good stuff on the horizon, oh, and more giveaways because let’s face it, we all want free stuff ; )

What’s on your mind? Leave a comment and I’ll come say hi!

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9 responses to “Updates

  1. She is precious and I completely support your desire to dress her up often. My husband however would agree with yours but I ignored his opinion and continue to go crazy when it comes to dressing our daughter! It's too much fun!

    • I know. When I was pregnant I went on a bit of a spree. I came home with Hello Kitty ballet flats and he looked at me all wide eyed. He then attempted to have a discussion about my shopping which I ignored lol