Why I Love YA

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I’ll give you one word: raw.

There’s something fragile and explicit about being a teenager. It’s like every emotion is magnified to the point of it bearing down and paralyzing you. I remember how one kiss could make me float and one forgotten call could bury me in pain.

Reading YA takes me back to those days where life was full of intensity. Now, I worry about grocery lists, work deadlines, and if my family is well. I miss the days when I daydreamed about everything and wasn’t concerned with rent.

There are so many good YA books that take me to different lands and fill me with dizzying emotions. Diving into those reads makes me feel young and adventurous, dangerous even, and for a few hours, I forget everything.

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What do you love about YA?

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9 responses to “Why I Love YA

  1. I know just what you mean. A part of me misses that youthful idealism and energy but, honestly, a bigger part of me is grateful for the life wisdom. πŸ™‚

  2. I think I was braver when I was a teen. As you get older, you become more concerned with consequences. Maybe that keeps you from making so many mistakes, but it also stops you from taking risks. I miss the days when I wasn't so cautious.

    I entered the giveaway–so many fabulous books!

  3. I agree. YA lets me relive when every moment was life or death, when I thought every guy was "the guy", when I waited by the phone, when I cried my eyes out, when I lived for first kisses. It's so emotional. I think adults would be much happier if they still felt all those things, because emotions are what drive us.

  4. You said it so well- being a teenager is full of dichotomy…one minute you're up the next you're down and life is so very, very raw! Happy weekend!

  5. I liked the carefree life (even though at the time I sometimes thought life was horrid) of just worrying about having a date or new dress for the dance or would I pass that geometry test. A time of innocence and strong emotions. Thankfully, we live through it.