Too much of a good thing?

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How much is too much? In the case of the Griswold’s Christmas lights, I’d say yeah, there’s a limit.

Lately I’ve been thinking about books. There are a lot of YA books releasing every year and tons of them are amazing. The more I read, the harder it is to stand out. I’ve been thinking about why certain ones stand out more, trying to pinpoint the it factor.

There are two things that come to mind: worldbuilding and emotional response.

If a book hits me on an emotional level, it stays. I will never forget books that have made me cry (IF I STAY, WHERE SHE WENT, SHIVER), or books that had a unique world ( FIRE, DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE).

But what about all the other books I’ve read? Some have had great stories, bend twisting plots and steamy romance. There are too many good books. It’s a beautiful and tragic thing. Beautiful because I get to read amazing stories, tragic because some of those stories I’ll soon forget.

What do you think? Can we ever have too many good books?

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4 responses to “Too much of a good thing?