Home Stretch

Posted September 9, 2012 by elizatilton in Uncategorized / 6 Comments

I have four weeks left until my due date and I am not a happy camper.

Yes, I am excited about my little girl, but man is she doing a number on me. I’m pretty convinced that there’s no more room in my belly.

On the bright side, I’ve sent out a new batch of queries for my romance and have an editor at a small press diving into my fantasy. The outline for my next project is done and I’m already about 7,000 words in.

Soooo, I may or may not be taking a short hiatus. If I do disappear for a
bit, I’m probably out looking for my ankles and a live in message
therapist. In my absence, I will be posting short funnies or randomness. All my deep thinking will have to come after the baby, well,  maybe a few weeks after the baby.

And now I leave you with some awesomeness….

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6 responses to “Home Stretch

  1. I remember that last month of both my pregnancies and I was SO ready to get it over with. Hang in there! You're so close! And yay for querying and new stories! Good luck!

  2. Great poster! LOVE it.
    You do everything and anything you need to get by! There's nothing quite like that last month of waiting. :0) Can't wait to see the post about her arrival, and I'm sure you feel the same way.