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It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in YA Highway’s RTW. Here is this week’s post:

What movie have you seen that actually (gasp!) improved on the book?

This is actually an easy one. LOTR: The Two Towers.

Shocked? Well, I have a very good reason.

My FAVORITE scene in the movie is when the elves show up at Helm’s Deep, and guess what, that’s not in the book! In the book no one comes….poor things.

I think all of the LOTR  movies were fantastically done. I could barely get through the end of Return of the King, but the movie…awesome.

And now that I’ve talked about, I have to go watch some LOTR.

What about you? Any movies that were better than the book?

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9 responses to “RTW: Movie > Book

  1. I was actually debating this in my head. LOVED the books many years ago but I have to give the films credit for making the world accessible for those who can't get through the books. My hubby is a huge fan and while he LOVES the books… he re-watches the movies more!

  2. Ooo… interesting. Others just said LotR as a whole, where you've singled out THE TWO TOWERS. I liked the books, but, yeah, the movies really help make the books come alive. Of course, without Tolkien's great storytelling, and his vivid imagination that produced copious amounts of prose and descriptions, Peter Jackson would have had little to work with, and the movies may not have been as good as they are. But still, I wager more people would sooner watch the movies over than re-read the novels.

  3. I completely agree! I loved that scene they added with the elves, though I admit that it made me cry. Also, The Two Towers gets a little mundane with Sam and Frodo just wandering around the mountains. It gets a little boring.

  4. For the most part, books seem to be better than the movie, but there are a couple. The first one that came to my mind was the first Harry Potter (can't remember off the top of my head – is that The Sorcerer's Stone?) Like what you said about Two Towers (which I LOVE), there are few things in there that weren't in the book and they brought the awesome wizarding world to life!

    I can't WAIT to see the HOBBIT!