The Next Best Thing

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25 weeks and counting…

According to my babycenter app I have 104 days left until my due date of October 1st.  Not that much time for what I want to accomplish—the first draft of my new novel, but I’m confident I can get a good start.

So while I query my current WIP, I’ll be working on my new one. It’s funny, I have this epic idea for a YA futuristic romance. I’ve told one of my CP’s about it and they loved it. It’s high concept and definitely unique. The only problem? I’m not FEELING it.

Does that make sense? I know I’ll write it. It’s just not my next story. The idea for my next story came to me while driving upstate to visit my grandparents. The whole synopsis, characters and setting popped into my head and I knew this was the book to write.

Has this ever happened to you? What’s the deciding factor when you have multiple ideas floating around in your head?

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3 responses to “The Next Best Thing

  1. I didn't realize you were pregnant– AWESOME! Talk about a firm deadline. :0)
    I hear you– I go through phases with books where one is really talking to me, and the others aren't. Even though I feel I'm "supposed" to work on one, I am drawn to a different one. Though recently, I needed to get a first draft finished (but was not enjoying it). I kept plugging away and I was able to focus on the one I needed to do, instead of running off with the one I wanted to do (if that makes sense).

  2. I've had the problem too, where I really have a great idea, but I can't write it. Every time I try… Ooo, like a shiny penny! I get distracted. I like the idea of shelving it and coming back to it later. My writer brain gets distracted easily and sometimes it will go back to that one. 🙂

    You're over half way! 🙂 So exciting!