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Posted May 7, 2012 by elizatilton in Uncategorized / 6 Comments

Today’s topic: May I tell you something about writing?

I love writing prompts. They can be words or pictures, but I always prefer them 100 words or less. It can be a poem, flash fiction, or a freeflow of thoughts spilling out on the page.

Below is a picture, I’ll use as today’s prompt.

Anywhere Is by *lady-amarillis on deviantART

The waves crash, but I feel them not. The wind beats, but I will not stop. The sky churns into a storm of grey, but nothing can keep my heart at bay. From the eastern dawn to western night, I wait and wait and will not flight. For within that crashing sea of blue, my lover’s ship has not come through.

Well, that’s mine. What about you, care to tackle the prompt?

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6 responses to “Blog Me Maybe: Writing

  1. Maelstrom arises
    Hurricane batters
    Search now is futile
    Hopefulness shatters
    Gulls and my heart
    Cry out in vain
    Tears for my lover
    Swept away in the rain

  2. That's really awesome. I love it. 🙂 I'm not a poem person so, yeah… I'll leave it to the people with talent for that kind of thing. **Bravo**