Are you a CYOA Fan?

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CYOA: Choose Your Own Adventure Novels. These were the first books that got me excited about reading, back in elementary school, and probably the reason I’m an RPG fanatic. Today, I came across a blog post over at The Story Siren about Coliloquy. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. Here’s a quick bio on them:

Coliloquy is a technology-based publisher of active fiction. We represent the next generation of digital publishing, taking advantage of new technology to reinvent the way authors and their audiences interact with reading and narrative. Our new publishing format enables multiple story lines, serial and episodic story-telling, personalized content, in-book engagement mechanics and the delivery of prompts and special or exclusive extras to create a more fluid and immersive story-telling experience.

WOW. I’m in. Right now they have four titles they’re releasing, and guess what, the Story Siren is having an epic giveaway! The prize? A kindle loaded with all the new titles. EECK! Go on over check it out and spread the word! The Story Siren

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3 responses to “Are you a CYOA Fan?

  1. I loved these books in fifth grade. I remember I was disappointed because the librarian pulled out a bunch for us to choose from for a language arts project and mine turned out to be a regular book instead of a choose your own adventure. So sad. See, I'm still scarred from the experience. 😉

  2. I've actually written one for American Girl. (A Girl's Best Friend-you can see it on my website). It was like designing a huge jigsaw puzzle! Kids love them for sure.