So it begins

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Today officially kicks off NaNoWro! I almost didn’t write…I was on a plane flying back home and in the middle of reading an amazing romantic fairytale of a book–The Amaranth Enchantment–and only a few chapters away from the end. I really, really debated not writing, but then what way is that to start off NaNoWro? I begrudgingly put the book down and wrote 191 words, not huge, but at least I started.

What about you?

For those of you doing NaNoWro, yalitchat is holding a fun contest with three great prizes.

oh, and can someone PLEASE explain how to search for a person and buddy them on NaNoWro…I can’t figure it out ><

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2 responses to “So it begins

  1. I had to ask too. Go to the search at the top of the screen *where your word count is* and click on it. I think you can look by the person's name or by their screen name. I'm in under Lexcade.