Summer Giveaway Hop WINNERS!!!

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Can you believe we are in AUGUST?? Pretty soon we’ll be chowing on turkey and then all panicking over Christmas shopping. My internet has been down for a few days and I feel so disconnected from social media. It’s a strange yet relaxing feeling. Anywho…who’s ready for winners!


Juana Esparza
Gloria Schumann

GRATS!!!! I’ll be sending you three e-mails : )

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One response to “Summer Giveaway Hop WINNERS!!!

  1. Eliza, I can't believe it's August either. Good for you for not panicking about your internet being down. When mine goes down, I freak out. It's scary how addicted I've become to being online. I have to keep my email open all day long or I feel discontected to the world. Sad, right?