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This is my pup, Achilles. I often feel like he does in this pic.


I’ll admit it. I’m lazy. It’s not a redeeming quality, but everyone has to know their weaknesses. The worst is I can see it in my writing. I can actually tell when I’m being lazy about a sentence. I’ll give you an example and you tell me what you think.

eg. 1 There’s a certain stale quality about a hospital that unnerves me. 

eg 2. I stepped up to him and wrapped my arms around him, hugging him as tight as my injury would let me.

Everyone talks about the importance of every word in a sentence. In the first example, I feel something. It’s tight and concise. Can you hear the voice in the second one? Because I can’t. Let’s see if I can rewrite it and actually think about what I want to say.

           I crushed into him, ignoring the spike of pain in my chest.

Little better : ) When that lazy bug seeps into my writing it kills my talent.

So, how does a lazy person like myself get over this hurdle? I get EXCITED and INSPIRED  (and maybe drink a little caffeine). I love reading and writing, and if I feel myself getting into one of those ‘I don’t want to’ moods. I change things up. Read a book on my TBR pile. Listen to Foreigner and dance like a fool in my living room. Watch LOTR or some other spectacular film. Play some Final Fantasy XII. Then I write.

I feel refreshed and ready to take on my ms. Now, I know I’m not the only lazy girl out there. If you’ve got any suggestions to combat the lazy bug, please share!

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4 responses to “Lazy Writer

  1. I'm definitely a lazy writer in the summer. Too many fun things to do: travel, swim, look at the clouds and do nothing! I'm gearing up my energy to write and teach this fall as I write this!

  2. Hi fellow campaigner! Nice to meet you.

    I can get into lazy mode a bit too much, especially when I find things on the internet to procrastinate with.