YA Highway RTW: Pictures That Inspire

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This week’s topic is a personal favorite, pictures that inspire your current WIP.

I always download images that remind me of my book, whether it’s to get a vivid idea for my descriptions, or just for plain fun. The images below are for my ms, BROKEN FOREST: A KEENING BLADE NOVEL.

I always have scenery pics, this one represents the jungle at the end of the book.


A picture of my mc’s horse, Brushfire.


I found this one while looking up hairstyles.


When it comes to 16th century clothes, I’m a bit lost, thank God for the internet!


Last, my mc, Avikar. It took awhile to find him : )


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9 responses to “YA Highway RTW: Pictures That Inspire

  1. That first picture is so cool! And the girl with the hairstyle looks so focused. I'm very interested to know how your story will incorporate all of these. It looks awesome!

  2. The picture of the girl and the horse were very inspiring to me! Such lovely photos to share!

    I'm new here but I am loving this segment! Consider me a future lurker!