Sometimes I Feel like a…?

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I don’t know about you, but I spend over 70 hours a week on a laptop, trust me I did the math!  Between my real job and writing, I’m ALWAYS on the computer. This past weekend I was tired of twitter, blogging and pretty much anything social media related. So, how did I spend my free time?

Planted in my recliner, glued to my 46in flat screen, playing FFXIII. IT. WAS. AWESOME


I didn’t write or do anything remotely productive, well I did clean, a little ; )

I’m a writer and a gamer, and even when I’m playing ten straight hours (which is nothing compared to what I did on WOW) I pay attention to characterization, setting, story ect.

Oh, and how is FFXIII you ask? It’s friggin fabtabulous.

What do you during your breaks?

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