Read-a-thon UPDATE

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I am so far behind it’s depressing…The read-a-thon started hours ago and I’m just sitting down now, to read.

Here’s where I’m at

Total books read: ZERO!
Total pages read: 2 ><
Books read since last update: ZERO!
Pages read since last update: 2
Total time read:  5 minutes…
How I am currently feeling: Agitated. My 2yr old keeps jumping on me…

For this min-challenge you need to create a puzzle that consists of about three images which describe a book.

Let’s see if you guys get this.




update and mini challenge #5

ugh, between youtube and my current WIP, I am extremely distracted…I haven’t read a thing!

Total books read: ZERO!
Total pages read: 2 ><
Books read since last update: ZERO!
Pages read since last update: 2
Total time read:  5 minutes…
How I am currently feeling: Happy–2yr old is asleep!
Okay! This challenge is to take three book titles and make a sentence.
here’s mine.
Falling under you, the iron king.

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5 responses to “Read-a-thon UPDATE

  1. I thought it was the heart of a lion is as gentle as a lamb….

    The Lion pic is absolutely stunning.

    Hi Eliza,

    I dropped by from Brenda Drakes blogfest. It's nice to meet you.

    I'm from NY too. Actually Westchester. I live in Chicago now, but I hope to move back in the future.

    Have a great weekend.