Dragon Age 2: Fenris Romance

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I haven’t been posting, writing, tweeting or cleaning…because of Dragon Age 2. The first time I played it, I ended up having a romance with Anders which was extremely disappointing. Hence, why I had to play again and romance Fenris–the best video game romance to date.

The romances in DA2 work a little different than in Dragon Age Origins. In order to get a romance going with Fenris start flirting with him early on in the game and don’t flirt with anyone else! You can do a rival or friendship romance ( I choose friendship). Besides flirting, make sure to pick up his gifts in acts 2 and 3, the Book of Shartan and the Sword of Mercy. If you want a more detailed explanation you can go to Dragon Age Wiki. 

Bioware really came through for us girls on this one. The Fenris romance felt natural and passionate, plus every girl loves a bad boy ; )  I don’t know what they were thinking with Anders…You flirt with him twice and then he’s confessing his love and moving into your estate. While the relationship with Fenris builds up. It starts in Act 1 as a flirtatious friendship, but by the end of Act 2 he’s showing up at your place. This elf comes with some serious baggage, and I think that’s why it felt so real. He’s hurt, angry and confused and the last thing he’s expecting is to fall in love–with you.

Another thing I loved about the Fenris romance was the party banter. Merrill makes a comment about Fenris being in love and showing puppy eyes, Fenris and Anders argue over you, and Isabel has some choice words for you about Fenris.

I really, really enjoyed this game and was highly impressed with Bioware’s knack for romances. Although, Thane is Mass Effect 2 was pretty dull…Anyway, five stars for Fenris!

If you follow my blog you should be used to my AMV’s. This one is all about my bad boy elf–Fenris

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9 responses to “Dragon Age 2: Fenris Romance

  1. You've inspired me to pick up DA2. From the video, Fenris looks like a walking mass of issues, and God knows how I love men with issues…

  2. Oh man, I crush on Fenris so bad. THE VOICE. Good jesus. My partner has a thing for Isabela which means he hates Fenris because if you have the two in a group while you're questing she pretty shamelessly flirts with him. Which makes the boyfriend jealous.

    Oh, Bioware, you drive rifts into relationships.

  3. steph01423

    Hi! I just stumbled across your blog while searching the 'net for some Fenris goodies, and I was totally excited to see that you featured my video on here! Wow, thanks! =D

    It seems like I did the exact same thing as you when I picked up Dragon Age 2… I romanced Anders first and ended up disappointed. But when I played through a second time and went for the rivalry romance with Fenris with my mage, I was completely blown away. It actually changed my whole perspective on the game. Bioware definitely pulled through for us ladies with this one and the Fenris romance has become my favorite video game romance to date. I definitely thought that the romance was much more well-paced and just altogether beautifully crafted. Not to mention that Fenris as an overall character felt very genuine and real. He was incredibly well-written. Love it.

    In any case, great blog! I'll have to keep reading!! =)

  4. @Steph How awesome! Now I know who to pester for fanvids ; Hopefully, Mass Effect 3 will bring a good romance. Come on Bioware, hold it down!

  5. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this! My other half recently bought DA2 for the pair of us and I was reading the wiki and really struggling to understand whether this romance was worth it or not – but this gives me hope 😉