YA Highway: Road Trip Weds: First Kiss

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This week’s topic is compare your first kiss to your favorite character’s kiss.

Romeo and Juliet, sigh…Since the eighth grade I’ve been in love with this tragedy. When they remade the movie in the late 90’s I was all over it. I remember the anticipation of watching the cat and mouse game unfold. Then the sweet reward of them lip locking in the elevator. I only wish my first kiss was that amazing.


If I ever write a middle grade novel my first kiss would fit right in….

It was back in the fifth grade. I remember the whole grade talked about John and I meeting in the hallway to french kiss. The plan was simple. John would walk past my classroom, and I would excuse myself to the bathroom. We’d meet by the bathrooms and do it.

Well, we met and we kissed. It was not life changing or romantic. Later that day, John told everyone I was a bad kisser and had bad breath…it pretty much sucked. lol.

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