YA Highway-Road Trip Wednesday

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Which book character would you like most as a next door neighbour?

Definitely a dwarf. I’d love to have Bruenor from my favorite author R.A Salvatore’s books, but I’ll take Gimli too. 

I wouldn’t mind having a hot Legalos, or even a Cullen, but I’m thinking practicality. Dwarf’s are amazing at building and fixing, they’re like having your own personal watch dog, and drinking lemonade and watching passing neighbors, well, you can imagine what comments would come out of a surly dwarf. Tons of fun!

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12 responses to “YA Highway-Road Trip Wednesday

  1. Lol yes but they would also tunnel under your house, drink all your ale and where there is one there are usually 50 – and the hammering! LOL

  2. You know, Cullens and/or Legolas would be nice, but I would be too afraid to talk to them. I approve of Gimli =)

  3. Great reasons for being neighbors with a dwarf. I have to give a major thumbs-up to Legolas and the Cullens, too!

  4. Clearly, I was thinking of this question all wrong. You went the resourceful route: smart. As long as you stayed on his good side, a dwarf may make an excellent neighbor.