Final Fantasy Round Up

Posted February 12, 2011 by elizatilton in Uncategorized / 2 Comments

I am so far behind on my games. I have a ton that I need to finish, and a few I need to start. I need a focus, and I’ve chosen Final Fantasy. Below is a list of all my FF titles, that I plan to play and beat this year.

FFX- I played half way through, stopped, deleted the save by accident. Now I’m starting over.
FFX-2- Stopped playing. Doesn’t make sense to beat it before X ><
FFVII Crisis core: Love this one, about a 1/4 way through.
FFXII- Me and the hubby started this one together, but didn’t get very far.
FFXIII- Need to buy this one

So, there is my list. In honor of my 2011 goal, here’s a gut wrenching Final Fantasy AMV, music by 30 Seconds to Mars

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2 responses to “Final Fantasy Round Up

  1. Out of those, X is my favorite. I'm okay with X-2 (I like Paine.) I didn't get all that far in XII because it's just so weird, even though Balthier is in high competition with Auron for my affections 😉

    Have fun!