Merry Christmas

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By the time this post goes up, Christmas will only be days away. Christmas time used to mean I got a ton of new video games.  Now I have to spend my money on megablocks for my son.  That’s okay, because in a few years he’ll be asking for them.

There are a decent amount of games for this holiday line up.  Let’s go through the list and see what we got.

Red Dead Redemption:  I’m not a fan of westerns or games that I’m forced to play a male lead (unless it’s a Final Fantasy-I know I’m so bias), but this game is at the top of my wish list.  Mexican stand offs, hunting animals, riding horses and open world exploration make this a hit.  Every one I’ve spoken to can’t get enough of this game. From the multiplayer to solo play, its got everything, but the ability to play a girl.

Epic Mickey:  Saving the world through a paint brush-love it. Too bad I don’t own a Wii…

Gran Turismo 5: I love cars.  The sound of a muscle engine purring…watching an import do a 1/4 mile in four minutes. It’s a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, not one of my friends or husband share my love. That’s why a game like Gran Turismo is just what a girl like me needs.

Call of Duty: Black Ops:  When COD came out for the 360 a few years, my hubby made the mistake of letting me play while he went to smoke a cigarette. By the time he came back, I had died twice and killed his friend once…I can play shooters, but am terrible at death matches. Back in the 007 days, before Halo, I actually played the 4-way death match pretty well. I think being able to see someone’s screen next to me helped though.

Micheal Jackson: The Experience:  I know that Jackson fans exist, but had no idea they played video games

Assassins Creed Brotherhood:  I never made it through the first one, but this…this looks promising. Impeccable graphics, historic characters and your very own assassins guild, what’s not to love?  For those of you who played Baldur’s Gate II, you’ll remember the option to run the thieves guild. I loved having my little wanna be ninjas run around doing my dirty work. 

There it is. Notice anything? I do. No strong female lead characters or games geared towards a woman’s taste…One day it’ll happen…one day.

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2 responses to “Merry Christmas

  1. OK. Brotherhood…is AWESOME. I'm not even two hrs into it and I'm DYING to play it. I was in love with Altair, like SO in love (completely overjoyed by that portion in AC2 when you played him as he chased what's-her-name), but Ezio is growing on me. I'm looking forward to having minions.

    Also COD kicks serious ass. It's bloody and brilliant 😀

  2. I think it's time I gave COD another chance. I'll try the game before I even attempt some pvp. My only online PVP experience consists of wow battlegrounds and ganking. I defiantly need some practice.