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When Christmas comes, I’m always scrounging for money. One day I’ll join a savings program, but not today.

While I was browsing, I came across their trade-in-program.You can trade in video games/hardware, DVD’s and textbooks. The process is simple and it only took four days for me to get my credit. That’s plenty of time to still go shopping!

Here’s the step by step process

1: First set up a free Amazon account (if you don’t have one)
2: Go to your account and on the bottom right side panel trade in account
3: choose video games, textbooks or DVD’s and search for the title you want to trade in
4: The title has to be an exact match. Make sure you pay attention to collector’s editions, and full-screen wide-screen for DVD’s.
5: Every game must have the original manual and box
6: All items must be in working condition
7: As you select items, you’ll see the credit amount for each one and a running total
8: When you’re finished, submit trade in.
9: You’ll need to print out the free ups shipping labels and go to a ups store . I recommend packing your own box if you can, otherwise UPS will charge you (I had a huge box and it was only $11)
10: You can track the shipping status of your trade in directly on the Amazon site.
11: When the merchant receives your items, the credit will be deposited into your Amazon account. This credit can be used to buy anything on

I shipped out my items on Monday and received $83.00 in my account Thursday around 4:00pm. Amazon will give you more credit then Gamestop will. To check you can go to

Below is a screen shot of my account. You can see that two items are being returned, and a few items I got credit on. I only wish I knew about this sooner…


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