The Place I’ll Return to Someday – FF9 (fan vocal version)

Posted October 16, 2010 by elizatilton in Uncategorized / 5 Comments

I am a huge Final Fantasy Fan, and 9 was my favorite. I loved all the cute characters, especially the overly protective knight. This song, plus tons of cut scenes makes for one amazing amv…don’t ya think?

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5 responses to “The Place I’ll Return to Someday – FF9 (fan vocal version)

  1. I'm an extreme Final Fantasy addict, but I have to say IX wasn't my favorite. I'm torn between VIII and X.

    FFVIII was fun to play because I liked the way the Guardian Forces worked and I thought that the twin love plot of Squall and Rinoa versus Laguna, Julia, and Raine was interesting.

    FFX was the most beautiful and coherent plot in the whole series (in my opinion), and getting to hear the characters talk for the first time in FF was an awesome experience for me.

    I have to confess that I never finished XII or played XIII, but they're on my list of things to play after Fable III.

    I think I got annoyed at IX because of the final boss battle and the way the armor system worked. I hate status-changing demons.

    You should check out the AMVs on YouTube for FFX and X2. Some of them are positively amazing. 🙂

  2. FFIX is the only one I beat, and I whooped the final boss, maybe that's why it's my favorite! lol The ending was awesome too.

    I'm actually beating FFVIII now. Although, since my husband got a hold of it, I haven't touched it. He's determined to beat Omega weapon.

  3. I've beaten every FF game that came out on NES, SNES, and PS1 – except Tactics, but I'm reluctant to even count that one as part of the series. The only one I didn't beat on PS2 is XII. I even finished the PSX releases of the Japanese FFII, III, and V – or whatever the numbers were on NES titles that didn't get released states-side.

    I haven't tried the DS titles…yet…but I'm sure I'll get around to them someday.

    FF Mystic Quest was my least favorite.

    FF Forever!