20 Signs you’re addicted to World of Warcraft

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I did some freelance work awhile back for a site named Vigster.com. Considering I was a recovering World of Warcraft addict, I thought a checklist would be educational and entertaining.

On a serious note, WOW is a problem for some people (see youtube video). Overseas there are rehab centers, and stories of terrible tragedies involving too many Redbulls, and hard core grinding. Many of us are in denial of this disease. In our heads, it’s only a game, but we forget that we only shower once a week and all we eat is take out because there is just not enough time to cook!

Hi my name is Eliza and I’m a recovering WoW addict:

20) Any in game friends you have are only referred by their mains. In fact you don’t even know what their real names are.

19)Dominoes is on speed dial.

18) One level 80 character is not acceptable.

17) The thought of taking a break doesn’t cross your mind.

16) The only time you argue with your spouse is while you’re playing.

15) Other people get annoyed when you constantly talk about WOW.

14) PVP gives you a sense of superiority.

13) The guild application was longer then your work application.

12) Being a GM makes you feel special.

11) You have a toon in every class.

10) You actually hate people in the real world, that play the opposite faction (For the Horde!).

9) Your once colorful complexion has gone pale, and you resemble your undead toon.

8) You constantly say “I just want to get to the next level , and then I’ll take a break”.

7) The South Park episode of WoW was a bit to real.

6) Every time you quit, you get sucked back in.

5) You talk to people online more then your family.

4) Not only have you missed parties, but almost every other social event in the past year.

3) You use your sick days when you need to level.

2) You use vacation days for new expansions.

1) You’ve spent real money to buy gold (Guilty!).

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2 responses to “20 Signs you’re addicted to World of Warcraft

  1. I never played WOW, but I know several people who have probably done just about everything on your list. A long time ago, however, I used to be addicted to several MUD games(Terris, Realm) and EverQuest. Not I just stick to console games. 🙂