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You Are a Masterpiece

8th September, 2013

One day there was a donkey who sat in a stable day after day. He would watch the beautiful horses pass, feeling sad for he was just a donkey and the stable was all he knew.
Then one day that donkey became the chariot for the King of Kings- Mathew 21:1-11
Sometimes …

Selling Books at the Dentist

20th June, 2013

It’s been a long time since I went to the dentist. See, my mom is in the dental field and I always went to her job, but when she moved far away…well, yeah.
Today I go, a little embarrassed, and have a sweet conversation with the assistant.
She asked where I worked. …

First Lines

13th November, 2012

We’ve all seen the contests for first lines, and many of us have gone crazy trying to make our first lines perfect.
I decided to take a look at a bunch of my favorite books and their first lines.
Let’s see what you think.
Everyone knows I’m perfect—PERFECT CHEMISTRYThey called the world beyond …

The Next Best Thing

20th June, 2012

25 weeks and counting…
According to my babycenter app I have 104 days left until my due date of October 1st.  Not that much time for what I want to accomplish—the first draft of my new novel, but I’m confident I can get a good start.
So while I query my current …


6th June, 2012

Two things I kept from my HS years: a notebook passed between my 2 BFF’s and my sketchbook.
I still have both and boy, is it an eye opener. I thought it would be fun for all of us YA writers to get a glimpse at some real teen style.
I’ll pre-warn you, …

Blog Me Maybe: Writing

7th May, 2012

Today’s topic: May I tell you something about writing?
I love writing prompts. They can be words or pictures, but I always prefer them 100 words or less. It can be a poem, flash fiction, or a freeflow of thoughts spilling out on the page.
Below is a picture, I’ll use as …