Carolina Valdez Miller’s..

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Carolina Valdez Miller’s Super Uber Blog Party

In honor of her success and landing super agent Vickie Motter, Carolina Valdez Miller is having a massive giveaway. A ton of other bloggers/authors/friends are joining her celebration and offering prizes. You have until April 1st to enter. Make sure to tweet, blog and go to all the sites listed below. Good luck and congratulations […]

Baby Wipes: The Universal Clea..

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I knew that baby wipes were useful, but after this Sunday, they surpassed all expectations. Here’s a quick on everything I cleaned using only BB wipes: dresser, TV Cart, bookshelf, leather couch, PS3, Mac G5, Dining table, counter and stovetop (although the really gritty stuff near the burners didn’t come out). I don’t know about […]

Life of a Blog

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Life of a Blog

Artist-Cory Alexander Tilton When I started this blog, it was focused on gaming. It’s my first one, and I’m slowly learning the inner workings of it. The more time I spend parading around other people’s blogs and tweeting away, I’ve realized a blog doesn’t have to stay constant. It should be changing and evolving, because […]

YA Highway-Road Trip Wednesday

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YA Highway-Road Trip Wednesday

Which book character would you like most as a next door neighbour? Definitely a dwarf. I’d love to have Bruenor from my favorite author R.A Salvatore’s books, but I’ll take Gimli too.  I wouldn’t mind having a hot Legalos, or even a Cullen, but I’m thinking practicality. Dwarf’s are amazing at building and fixing, they’re […]

SHOW ME THE VOICE contest with..

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Brenda Drakes is holding an awesome blog contest. Post the first 250 words of your finished manuscript. I’ve been battling with my first few chapters for months. I’m excited to see what the response is on the below. Enjoy and make sure to check out all the other entries!           Name: Eliza Tilton Title: Winds […]

Dragon Age II: First Impressio..

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Yesterday, I was able to get in a few good hours of game time and man am I psyched! Bioware has done it again. For years, they continue to put out games with immense storylines, full of action. In this sequel, you play as ___ Hawke (you get to choose your own name). You have […]

The Angry Gamer

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The Angry Gamer

After a long day of work, I would love to come home to a quiet household…well, that’s not happening.  My husband is playing the new Marvel vs Capcom for PS3 and screaming at players that can’t hear him (dog ate the headset).  It’s always the same, either the game is cheating or kids are cheating. […]

Quantic Dream’s Heavy Ra..

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Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain

I have been playing video games for over twenty years and nothing has ever compared to the experience that is Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain is a Choose Your Own Adventure type thriller. The game switches between the point of views of four different characters, all investigating the origami serial killer. Each character has an active […]