Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain

4th March, 2011

I have been playing video games for over twenty years and nothing has ever compared to the experience that is Heavy Rain.
Heavy Rain is a Choose Your Own Adventure type thriller. The game switches between the point of views of four different characters, all investigating the origami serial killer.
Each character …

February AW Blog Chain.

28th February, 2011

I’m really beginning to like these chain things, which is odd because I delete every chain e-mail…
This month’s chain is 1) describe your antagonist and 2) write a scene about meeting them : ) in 100 words.
Lucino is a young, reptilian lord, who is obsessed with pretty girls (he has a …

Red Dead Redemption

20th February, 2011

I can see why it got game of the year, but after about 15 hours, I lost interest.I will say one thing: I learned how to play poker! That at least gives it a few gold starsBelow are my pros and cons.
pros: riding horses, shooting pretty much anything, the challenges …

Internet Drama

14th January, 2011

The blog is currently down for the next week. I’m having internet problems at home. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. See you soon!
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