We Fight When We Play

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candy palm

I would say that my marriage is a very laid back one.  We rarely argue, and when we do, it’s mainly because I’m getting us killed.

I’ll never forget what it was like PVP’n with my hubby on World of Warcraft.  He was a tauren shammy, and I was a tauren waarrior.  We set up our computers next to one another and played non-stop.  We had a lot of fun until we ran Arathi Basin, or Alterac Valley.  Maybe I never fully understood PVP, but every time I saw a night elf run by, my toon would b-line straight for them.  Unfortunately, my hubby would be attempting to heal me and failing miserably because I was out of range.

There were numerous times where I would be overwhelmed by alliance, and my knight in shining 2 tier (back when that was considered high) would come to my rescue, only to be smited by an evil paladin, while I logged off to make a sandwich.  Thankfully for our marriage we stopped playing WOW, and not because I suck at PVP.

WOW hasn’t been the only game to cause a tiff or two.  Marvel ultimate Alliance and Tales of Symphonia have been know to get us pulling each other’s hair.  Apparently, my Storm’s lighting bolts were the reason his Gambit was dying, pttf!

These days we don’t play co-op as much.  Usually the game is a one player that we trade off on.  Which is much safer!  Although I did just rent Lost Planet 2, which is co-op.  I’ll let you know what happens!

(The awesome pic above is from a guildportal site called Sisters of battle.  The artist is Candy Palm.  No idea who that is, but props to you!)


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2 responses to “We Fight When We Play

  1. The best game I've ever played co-op with my husband is Tenchu Z. We have two XBOX360s in the house,and we have a blast killing ninjas stealthily together on LIVE. We used to argue when we played Champions of Norrath together on PS2 because I would steal all of the loot, and we also fought when we played Halo3 together because I could never get the camera angles and would get frustrated by my fast deaths.

  2. ooo halo, forgot about that one. I'm terrible at deathmatch! I'll have to check out Tenchu Z. I had no idea it was co-op. Of course I'll have to fix my red rings first, again.

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