Title: Nocturne of the Void
Series: Spartan Academy #2
Published by: Shakespeare Villains
Release Date: 09/13/2021
Genre: , ,

Marcus Collins has been fighting to survive ever since his first breath.

Barely escaping the umbilical noose wrapped around his tiny neck, and miraculously avoiding being drown in the dumpster juice his mother dropped him in. Life was the cold embrace of orphanage holidays and empty promises. Bullied and tormented by older boys who took pleasure in his pain forged him into a back yard fighting legend. A fame that attracted the attention of gang leaders who tried to profit off his charisma, forcing him to flee from Detroit.

Stonyhurst was supposed to be a change for the better and it was, until fate crossed his path with Jackson: a troubled boy from Brooklyn that had his own darkness and despair. A brother Marcus never had, one that would risk life and limb to catch his back.

There's just one problem.

Marcus's mind has been wiped of the boy along with his recent past and replaced with a different story. A tale that covers the truth lying beneath the school's grounds. Marcus now finds himself in the company of three extremely attractive witches who are training him in the arts of wizardry, a calling that echoes from a heritage he knows nothing about. However, the bonds of brotherhood are not so easily broken, and when the compulsion that has erased his memories begins to crack, remembering becomes a death sentence.

Dark, Gritty, and Spellbinding, Nocturne of the Void: Book 2 in the Spartan Academy is perfect for readers looking for unique worldbuilding, tantalizing fantasy, and lots of action. The paperback version contains EXCLUSIVE artwork for each chapter. A unique gift for any bookworm. Purchase today!

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