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RTW: Movie > Book

RTW: Movie > Book

It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in YA Highway’s RTW. Here is this week’s post: What movie have you seen that actually (gasp!) improved on the book? This is actually an easy one. LOTR: The Two Towers. Shocked? Well, I have a very good reason. My FAVORITE scene in the movie is when the elves […]

July 11, 2012

RTW: Your Dream Retreat

RTW: Your Dream Retreat

This Week’s Topic–from yahighway Describe your dream writing retreat. Where would you go? Who and what would you bring? There are lots of places I’d love to go to, but only one that’s feels other worldly to me: The Galapagos Islands. Here’s an island full of exotic creatures and clear blue water. The perfect setting […]

January 4, 2012

YA Highway RTW: Pictures Tha..

YA Highway RTW: Pictures That Inspire

This week’s topic is a personal favorite, pictures that inspire your current WIP. I always download images that remind me of my book, whether it’s to get a vivid idea for my descriptions, or just for plain fun. The images below are for my ms, BROKEN FOREST: A KEENING BLADE NOVEL. I always have scenery pics, this […]

July 6, 2011

YA Highway RTW: Plotter or P..

YA Highway RTW: Plotter or Pantser?

Hmmm…let’s ask good old George what he thinks. :crickets chirping: Okay, thank you, George! I used to be a full-blown pantser, but not anymore. On my first novel, I created extra work by not outlining and really thinking about the story. I found myself changing world rules, or a plot point, and then having to make sure that […]

June 8, 2011


It’s Wednesday! And time for another road trip from YA Highway This week’s prompt is a music one, and yes, I am doing a happy dance. If your WIP(s) or favorite book(s) were a song, which song would they be? This took me exactly an hour and half to decided. I have a playlist for […]

April 27, 2011