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You Are a Masterpiece

One day there was a donkey who sat in a stable day after day. He would watch the beautiful horses pass, feeling sad for he was just a donkey and the stable was all he knew. Then one day that donkey became the chariot for the King of Kings- Mathew 21:1-11 Sometimes we see other […]

September 8, 2013

Mid-Week Muse: Your Favorite..

Mid-Week Muse: Your Favorite Scene

 Add to goodreads We all need inspiration. When my creative thoughts have been depleted, I need to read one of my favorite scenes or passages. These special pages spark life back into me. They get me excited about my own writing and eager to make a reader fall in love. I have one scene […]

August 7, 2013

Lazy Writer

Lazy Writer

This is my pup, Achilles. I often feel like he does in this pic. I’ll admit it. I’m lazy. It’s not a redeeming quality, but everyone has to know their weaknesses. The worst is I can see it in my writing. I can actually tell when I’m being lazy about a sentence. I’ll give you an example and […]

August 24, 2011