My Weight Loss Journey: Small Victories

Posted April 30th, 2017 by in beach body, fitness, motivation, weight loss journey / 0 comments

Today, I have two victories to share with you. I’ve lost another 2lbs–that’s 25 total, and I FINALLY fit into these badass heels my chubby feet haven’t been able to wear in years.

Every Sunday, I go into my closet and pick out an outfit, never knowing how it will fit. THEY ALWAYS FIT now 🙌🏻

But, even if a pair of 👖 didn’t fit, I don’t get upset, I look at those jeans knowing one day those bad boys will fit over these thighs.

Celebrate all the wins. Learn to rejoice in the losses. Success is not determined by a number, but how you feel.

How do you feel?

Take today and think about what you need in your life. If there’s a desire to be strong, healthy and confident, message me. I’m a different person just because I realized I DESERVE to spend time on myself.

Don’t take yourself for granted. I certainly won’t.

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