Selling Books at the Dentist

20th June, 2013

It’s been a long time since I went to the dentist. See, my mom is in the dental field and I always went to her job, but when she moved far away…well, yeah.
Today I go, a little embarrassed, and have a sweet conversation with the assistant.
She asked where I worked. …


8th June, 2013

Right now I feel like this guy
I’m sure I’m not as cute, but you get the point.
Since the disappearance of google reader, I haven’t been keeping up with blogs. I have feedly on my toolbar, Bloglovin in my email and the google reader app, which still works, on my droid. …


26th April, 2013

Have you seen this movie?
  Don’t laugh. Don’t judge.
This movie has been on Netflix for awhile and I always passed it. The title just seemed, ugh, dumb?
Well, for some reason, I decided to watch it.
This is not an academy award winning film, but for someone who writes for …

Mid-Week Muse: ME

20th March, 2013

I know I’ve been highlighting books, but I’m in a whacky mood because MY book is almost here. That’s right, folks. The final edits are in, and in a few more weeks, I’ll be a published author.
*insert diabolical laugh here*
This is my theme song.