Baby Wipes: The Universal Cleaner

29th March, 2011

I knew that baby wipes were useful, but after this Sunday, they surpassed all expectations. Here’s a quick on everything I cleaned using only BB wipes:
dresser, TV Cart, bookshelf, leather couch, PS3, Mac G5, Dining table, counter and stovetop (although the really gritty stuff near the burners didn’t come out).
I …

Life of a Blog

23rd March, 2011

Artist-Cory Alexander Tilton

When I started this blog, it was focused on gaming. It’s my first one, and I’m slowly learning the inner workings of it. The more time I spend parading around other people’s blogs and tweeting away, I’ve realized a blog doesn’t have to stay constant. It should be …

The Angry Gamer

9th March, 2011

After a long day of work, I would love to come home to a quiet household…well, that’s not happening.  My husband is playing the new Marvel vs Capcom for PS3 and screaming at players that can’t hear him (dog ate the headset).  It’s always the same, either the game is …