The Awesome 80’s Prom

6th April, 2011

For my bachelorette party (back in 2008) we decided to go to the Awesome 80’s prom. For those of you who have never heard of it, let me explain.
Imagine you’re at the prom, but instead of everyone from HS you can’t stand, there’s Ducky, Jake and a bunch of hotties …

Shelley Watters: Tweet Pitch Contest

1st April, 2011

Cory Alexander Tilton
Shelley Watters  is having an amazing blog contest. The prize? A FULL MANUSCRIPT REQUEST from uber agent Suzie Townsend. I can use any/all advice. Here is my 140 twitter pitch.
Title: Broken Forest: A Keening Blade NovelGenre: YA Epic FantasyWord Count: 61,000
V1Seventeen-year-old Avikar thought he was rescuing his sister …

Baby Wipes: The Universal Cleaner

29th March, 2011

I knew that baby wipes were useful, but after this Sunday, they surpassed all expectations. Here’s a quick on everything I cleaned using only BB wipes:
dresser, TV Cart, bookshelf, leather couch, PS3, Mac G5, Dining table, counter and stovetop (although the really gritty stuff near the burners didn’t come out).
I …

Life of a Blog

23rd March, 2011

Artist-Cory Alexander Tilton

When I started this blog, it was focused on gaming. It’s my first one, and I’m slowly learning the inner workings of it. The more time I spend parading around other people’s blogs and tweeting away, I’ve realized a blog doesn’t have to stay constant. It should be …