YA Book Covers

18th October, 2012

It’s no surprise that a vast majority of YA book covers consist of a pretty girl in a pretty dress. Some readers are tired of this trend, but yet, the covers continue.

Mixed in with all the pretty girls, are beautiful artistic covers.

I went to school for graphic design and the …

Amazon Used books

16th October, 2012

I’m not sure when this change happened, but now if you go onto Amazon and click on a book, in some instances you can buy used. While I think this is a great for all us broke folk, I’m worried what it will do to the authors…
From what I know, …

Aubrey Rose

2nd October, 2012

She’s finally here! A little earlier than expected, but that’s okay by me : )
Delivery went smoothly. My husband said if labor was a profession, I’d be a pro, lol.
I’ll be taking some time away to enjoy this little treasure–I say that now, but we all know how tempting the …

Books into Video Games

15th September, 2012

It’s no secret that great books get turned into movies and these days it’s all about YA. But what about books being made into video games? If you think about video games that are based off books (Harry Potter, LOTR) they all came out after the movies.
Out of all …


12th September, 2012

I wasn’t sure if I was going to post anything, but one of things about being a  writer is stating the truth. All the ugly and all of the good whether it be in our characters or in life. 

So here’s me, being real.

I found out about two weeks ago …

Home Stretch

9th September, 2012

I have four weeks left until my due date and I am not a happy camper.
Yes, I am excited about my little girl, but man is she doing a number on me. I’m pretty convinced that there’s no more room in my belly.
On the bright side, I’ve sent out a …