My Weight Loss Journey: When the Numbers go Slow

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May 15th I started my summer slim down challenge group. I’m only down, 1lb, but I lost 3 inches! While the scale numbers seem to be slow, I’m feeling stronger and healthier.

And my pants fit!

It can get a little depressing when you step on the scale week after week and you only see 1lb gone…but I never let that number define my success. Who cares if the scale isn’t moving? Who cares if the scale stays on 184 FOREVER–well, I might care then…You get my point.

I’m proud of how far I’ve come, and that I’ve been able to control my ravenous hunger…and it is RAVENOUS.

How have I been able to lose 26lbs and over 26 total inches since January? 4 key things.

-a home fitness program
-Shakeology– a super dense nutrient shake that I replace one meal a day with.
-clean eating
-accountability group

Once you make yourself a priority, you find a way to meet and exceed your goals. I plan on doing a  3day refresh, which I will document, and that may be the little boost I need to kick it up a notch.

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