My Weight Loss Journey: Before

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After my third kidney stone, and fourth baby, I knew I needed a change. My health kept deteriorating due to bad eating habits, and carrying in groceries made me out of breath. I was out of shape, and though I would never admit it, the person I used to be was being swallowed whole.

One day, I was going through my Facebook news feed and saw a post from this women named Regan Long. She asked if anyone wanted to share their fitness journey and get paid for it.

To me, that sounded like a win win.

Within one week, I had signed up as a Beach Body coach. I NEVER thought of myself as a health and fitness coach, yet here I was. The main reason I decided to coach? Accountability. I knew I would never really push myself, if I didn’t have other people counting on me.

If this working mommy of 4 could do it, so could they.

Jan 1st I started doing a workout program called Country Heat, began eating clean, and starting drinking Shakeology. A great start to a new year and a new me.



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