Mid-Week Muse: Babies

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Usually, my muse is music, but this week it’s something much more dear to my heart.

My daughter is 14 months. She’s reaching the age where everything she does makes me smile, well, almost everything. Since I work during the day, every moment spent with her is treasured.  Right now my little girl is sitting on my lap while I write. She motivates me in every possible way.

It’s so hard to work, clean, spend time with family and still write. It’s a balance I struggle with daily, but I realized something . . . these are the years I will look back on and wish I would’ve given my children more kisses, more hugs and more of myself.

Don’t despise the day of little things.

And now here’s a song guaranteed to make every mother cry.

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  1. Leandra Wallace

    Oh, she's an adorable cutie! My son is 19 months, and I just thinking today that it boggles my mind that in March he'll be two. It seems like he was just born yesterday, but in just a few short months he'll have been in our lives for two whole years! Crazy! =)

  2. Leandra Wallace

    I was thinking that I remembered you mentioning a son on QT. That's the best thing when they're little- you can hug and squeeze them as much as you want(my little man's chubby thighs are my fav…) but as they get older, not so much. =(

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