My Weight Loss Journey: Happy in my own Skin

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Everyone of my friends and clients knows I am super transparent, and there is no shame in my game. I wanted to share another a-ha moment I had tonight.
It has been over a week since I worked out–thanks kidney stones, and my eating habits have been sub-par. It’s strange how when we feel sick, or in pain, everything goes out the window.
Tonight, I knew it had gone on too long. I’m feeling super bloated, cranky, and my stomach looked big…so and now this is important, I measured my waist.
Tracking measurements really puts it in perspective.
My last waist measurement was on 3/19 … and it was 33 inches.
Tonight, 38 inches.
Here’s the difference between the new me and the me 3 months ago … that 3 month girl would’ve cried and ate a cookie. This girl? NO BIG DEAL. That bloat will go down, I know I hold a lot in my waist based on how I’ve been tracking, and I KNOW I can get all that bad juju out of my belly in one week.
This is a LIFESTYLE, and that’s why Beach Body works. You’re not counting points, and suffering, you eat good, workout, drink your shake, and keep it moving.
I’m just a girl, and for the FIRST time, I’m not afraid to be big, small, or somewhere in between because I’m finally content with ME.

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