My Weight Loss Journey: Don’t Drown in the Rain

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Sunday is when I take my weight and measurements. Being able to see my progress, helps move me forward. Today, I knew the numbers weren’t going to be pretty. This past week I’ve had three out of four kids sick, I’ve been drinking gallons of OJ–which is so much sugar–had ZERO workouts, two doctor visits and one hospital ER trip. It’s been a complete cluster. After my Friday night run to the ER with the baby–he’s fine–I came home and grabbed a bag of chips and a triple ale.

I stepped on the scale this morning, and BOOM, no change! I was a bit shocked that I didn’t gain any weight and moved on to take my measurements. Yup. Sure enough, I gained 1/2 inch back on my waist.

In seven days, I gained 1/2 an inch from not eating great, drinking only OJ instead of water, and no workouts.

I thought long and hard if I wanted to share this, but in the end, I realized that being real is what makes me, ME.

Some days, we dance in the sun.

Other days, we drown in the rain.

I refuse to let one storm sink me to the bottom.

Not every day is a great day.

But today when that sunbeam begins to peak through the grey clouds, I’ll reach up and pull myself out of the mud and keep going.

I went to my jewelry box and searched through the tangled mess for a certain pair of earrings. I came across my wedding band, which I haven’t been able to wear since October 2016, and thought, hmmm … I wonder.

Slowly, I slid the silver band on my finger … and it fit.

I may not have lost any pounds this week, but I know all my hard work is paying off.

And today, that’s enough.




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