When I became a Beach Body coach, I had no idea what that meant. My goal was to lose wight after my fourth baby, and knowing my attitude, it wasn’t going to happen unless I held myself accountable. To do that, I became a coach. If I focused on helping others achieve their fitness and nutrition goals, I would naturally be doing the same for myself.

And that’s exactly what happened. Within four months I lost 25lbs and 25.5 inches! But more than just fitting into my jeans, the confidence I gained changed my ENTIRE outlook on life. No longer was I the busy mom of four who forgot who SHE was, the old Eliza was back, and it felt amazing.

What do I do as a coach? I inspire others and share my journey via social media. No matter where you’re at with your own goals, every one of us can inspire someone else.

In one hour a day, you can build a business from your kitchen table.

I’m aligned with the #1 coach in the company and have access to TONS of valuable training.

Don’t think you have time to build a business?

Here’s some info on me:

  • I have a full-time corporate job.
  • I have four kids, ages eight and under.
  • I’m a writer, and I’m currently in the middle of writing my fifth novel.
  • I’m the Associate Publisher & Design Manager for Blaze Publishing.

If you have the motivation, I have the tools. Are you ready to work towards being financially free? Do you wish you had a few extra bucks for that summer vacation? Fill out this application and we’ll start changing lives together.