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Borderlands FTW

26th August, 2012

I really don’t understand why I haven’t played this game sooner. It’s friggin awesome.
For those non-gamers or gamers who somehow never heard of Borderlands, Borderlands is a first person shooter set in a post apocalyptic type world–kind of like Fallout but cooler. There’s guns, guns and more guns. Even though …

Win an Alienware

19th January, 2012

If you’re not familiar with Alienware, just know they are the ultimate gaming computer. I bought my first Alienware over six years ago and the beast still works! Right now Sparkling Reviews is having an epic giveaway, the prize? A brand new Alienware M18X Gaming laptop. Here’s a quick spec on it’s …

Life of a Blog

23rd March, 2011

Artist-Cory Alexander Tilton

When I started this blog, it was focused on gaming. It’s my first one, and I’m slowly learning the inner workings of it. The more time I spend parading around other people’s blogs and tweeting away, I’ve realized a blog doesn’t have to stay constant. It should be …