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There are so many wonderful blogs out there, it’s hard to figure out which ones you should be following constantly. For the sake of space, I’ve listed a few essentials. Since I write YA, you’ll see a theme, but overall these are gems and if you already follow all of these, well, great minds think alike. is the first blog I followed. Kate Kaynak is the author of Minder ( a Ganzfield novel). Her blog is witty, sweet, full of great advice and she does lots of contests–first query contest I ever entered! A blog run by six YA authors, full of fun insight, roadtrips and industry news. This would be the second blog I followed! This blog is known for its monthly Mystery Agent contest. Every month is a new agent which means a new chance of winning!  You can read through old contests (lots of pitch/loglines and first words) and see what stories caught the agents attention and why. VERY HELPFUL. This is a treasured resource among writers. Need help describing a specific setting? Or need some sensory words to liven up that scene? Tired of always using the word angry? This blog has it all. BRILLIANT Even if you think you are uberly awesome at writing a query, you still need to follow Janet Reid’s advice. She dissects query after query, and considering she’s a super agent, I suggest you listen : ) Run by Suzie Townsend and Joanna Stampfel-Volpe. Early this year they started First Page shooter where they give you their advice/thoughts on the first 250 words of your MS. Follow their guidelines on the site to submit. I love Query Tracker. I’ve met some wonderful writers from the forums, use the tracker for submissions and follow the blog for all the advice I desperately need. Remember the plot post I linked? Yup, that’s from them. Told you they rock. mused by agent Kristin Nelson. I had the pleasure of doing one of her first pages workshops. She’s blunt and honest. I often go here to read through the archives on everything from writing pitch’s to what-not-to-do writing tactics. Literary Rambles–another gem. When you’re ready to start searching for an agent Casey has done a wonderful job of collecting all the info you need. Inspired Kathy is the queen of blog hops and giveaways. If you need to gain more followers or meet some other writers, join one of the hops she posts. I just recently found this one, run by the Authoress. She also runs a secret agent contest : ) And the famous Baker’s Dozen where agents actually bid on your ms!

And that’s it! There are so many more out there. I didn’t even dive into the writer blogs. If you have any great blogs you follow that aren’t listed, please share!

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