Metal Gear Solid…Snake?Snake!

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MGS is a well known series, but one I have yet to conquer. Right now my husband is attempting to beat MGS 4: Sons of Liberty, with a perfect score. The game has been out for a long time, but it’s been collecting a ton of dust. The only reason he is even playing, is because he gave me a dare.

Let me elaborate.

Rewind back to October 12th, 2008, our honeymoon. It’s a known tradition that when we are on vacation we always have some type of gaming system with us. I brought the usual PS2, and Gamecube, old but still awesome. We just happen to be one of the few proud owners of Twin Snakes for GC, a combination of MG1 & MG2, strictly created for GC. After the Psychomantis Fight, not only did I vow to NEVER play MGS again, but it ruined my entire day.

Two weeks ago, my husband bet me that I couldn’t make it to the first boss in MGS 4. I laughed, and actually said “Bring it on!” Unfortunately, I still haven’t made it to the first boss, and if it wasn’t for his intervention Solid would still be stuck under a cardboard box.

I am extremely curious as to how many girls have conquered Metal Gear…if you’re out there, here’s my standing ovation, and how the heck did you do it?

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